Introducing Bundle Select: The Employee Real Estate Platform

We’re proud to announce that the Bundle Select Employee Real Estate Platform is live.

This exclusive platform delivers the comprehensive Bundle Select experience. Like our original consumer platform, we bundle together realtor, lending, and title services for simplicity and savings. But now, we’re able to offer even more savings and services.

As before, we offer savings on realtor, lender and title services, but have increased those savings from 20% to 25%. But that’s now only the beginning of what we offer. Our concierge service guides each employee through the entirety of their transaction, from signup to “sold”. In addition, we offer relocation services as a component of any bundle, allowing your company’s HR department to completely outsource this cumbersome process to us. The result is a superior, high-touch customer service experience at zero cost to employer and employee that rock companies like Adobe and Guardant Health have already embraced.

The Ultimate Employee Benefit

The modern workforce has grown accustomed to benefits like health insurance, 401 (k)s, and other perks. But nowhere among these benefits is any relief for the biggest expense in many employees’ lives: homeownership. In fact, the average homeowner pays three to four times more in homeownership expenses than for health insurance each month.

That’s a shame, because homeownership is associated with financial and social benefits to the employee and their community. And let’s face it: an employee who is literally invested in your community is more likely to be invested in your company.

We think it’s time that companies started helping their employees achieve the cornerstone of the American Dream: owning a home. For many, the Employee Real Estate Platform can offer the perfect mix of savings and service to get them there.

Something New for Something Old

As every area of our lives is reinvented by technology, only a few legacy industries—like real estate—are stubbornly holding onto the old, outdated ways.

At Bundle Select, our goal is to embrace the technological change the real estate industry so desperately needs. We’ve taken the kinks out of the old system (no cobbling together the services you need!), passed the savings onto the consumer (no expensive kickbacks!), and created a superior customer experience (your always-there concierge). Considering it’s free to employees and employers, we’d say there’s no good reason not to offer these perks as a brand differentiator.

Embrace the Future of Real Estate

We hope we’ve made the case that your company has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by saving your employees money through our no-cost service. If you work in Human Resources or Talent Acquisition, we hope you’ll reach out to explore if you’re a good fit for our service. We think your employees will agree that it’s time someone simplified real estate (and saved them some money).

Travis Webster-Booth