Selling your Home around the Holidays

There’s a lingering myth in real estate: people don’t buy around the holidays and the start of the New Year. Between Christmas and the Super Bowl (early February), you should take your home off the market!

We disagree. With the exception of some isolated markets where snowfall is a real and significant impediment, we believe the timing of your home sale should be on your own terms. Why? Because even around the holidays and New Year, there are great reasons to sell a home.

For starters, there’s less competition with other sellers, giving more leverage to those who keep their homes on the market. Additionally, all those “looky-loo”, non-serious buyers who would otherwise be wasting your time are too busy to tour properties. Instead, you’ll find highly motivated buyers with their own reasons for making a quick transaction, such as a job relocation or tax-driven purchase. This means even more leverage for you!

In short, we’d advise against this old real estate myth, and encourage you to sell when you’re ready. In major markets, your buyer is probably out there, and potentially more eager than ever, resulting in a smoother, faster transaction with a higher sales price.

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